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    Our goal is to provide coverage of your project, so your price will vary depending on the size and scope of the work ordered. We can provide a cost estimate prior to commencement. And an invoice will be forwarded on completion.

    For 1/2 day dawn bookings, we require the keys to be made available the day before. We will attend the address the day prior to ensure that everything is ready for an early start. Please ask for our prep sheet and contractor terms documents.

    Some larger or complex projects may require multiple days. Food & beverage photography will require co-operation and availability of your on-site kitchen staff. We can include a human element in photography and video, please discuss this with us prior.

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    photography (architectural / interiors / exteriors)

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    story board development & shoot plan

    video (aerial from drone)

    video (aerial from helicopter)

    underwater cinematography (snorkel only, scuba service not currently available)

    floorplan or siteplan

    graphic design (brochures & booklets)

    photography (hospitality – food & beverage)

    photography (cinematic headshot)

    Understanding your budget as early as possible in the discussion process is essential. We need to know what your expectations are and whether we can reasonably meet them within your proposed budget constraints. We are going to need to work through the details to make sure we cover everything that you want, and for us to give you a detailed proposal, and completion schedule. Optionally please indicate your budget range? and your project details.

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