Processed work will be delivered generally within 7 days, or within a mutually agreed schedule.

Photo Post Production

Post production includes editing (layering and compositing, colour cast correction, lens distortion correction and perspective (verticals) adjustment where necessary. Minor shadow and imperfection cleanup.

Retouching includes correcting parts of an image that the client would like changed, such as: removing various elements such as driveway oil stains, water splashes, ceiling devices and some vents, egress signs, spots on paintwork, and fluff on carpets and curtains and furniture, etc. Retouching is always applied if needed. Any additional retouching requested by clients will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Retouching may incur extra charges at $45.00 per 15 minute block.

Video Post Production

Post-production is the third and final stage of the video production process. We scour through your footage selecting and assembling the scenes into order. Sometimes this stage is called the assembly edit. The second stage is to achieve picture-lock, essentially all the footage is assembled, in order and trimmed to match the storyboard or narration. The third stage is sound mixing – adding music, narration and other audio elements. The fourth stage is to add visuals effects such as animations. Titles and captions are next, then colour grading (by far the largest task).

Colour grading is the process of altering the colour of the light in each shot with digital filters so each shot matches one another. These corrections include adjusting exposure, lens corrections, perspective adjustment and white balance. Colour cast areas can also be adjusted to ensure all the scenes flow.

We want your video to flow together nicely. In the same way we want your audio levels to be equal, we want the visuals to all look as similar as possible, so no individual shot sticks out as jarring or of lower quality than another. When done correctly, no one should even realise any grading has been done. The last step is adding any additional title or end cards. End cards are a title graphic placed at the end of your video.

The final step is to render the effects, and export the media to a file in to resolution required by the client.