With pictures and videos being so integral to a person’s decision to stay at your hotel or book a room somewhere else, the question no longer is, “Do professional photos matter?” The question you need to ask is, “What better investment can I make than hiring a professional hotel photographer for my property?”

Whether she’s shooting in Hobart or Cairns, Adrienne and her team understand the importance of collaborating with clients, which is why they’re so heavily involved with the preparation of your photo shoot.

Here are some compelling reasons to get you thinking about how you can visually differentiate your hotel business.

We have the experience and expertise, our company was established in 2009. We specialise in the genre of commercial interiors and food photography.  We’re well known and trusted and having worked with a number of major Australian and international companies.

When it comes to the key differences in the way we develop, produce and deliver your services compared to others, our project briefing is comprehensive to ensure a tailored service. We prepare a detailed plan including a shot list and scene list based on our exact client brief. We take extra steps to ensure higher quality service, by using professional grade cameras, sound equipment, cinematographic equipment and strobe lighting. We follow a specific process and formula that delivers consistent results.

After each project is completed, we follow-up our client to ensure they received what they needed and expected. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We schedule the appropriate amount of time at your hotel to ensure that we can sense the nuances of your location. Real Visuals creative work delivers exceptional quality and consistent results for your hotel visual marketing. A browse through our galleries here will show you that our service is of a high standard and we provide excellent value for our clients. A typical project to shoot a new or refurbished hotel will take two full days to ensure we can capture exteriors at dawn and dusk, and work through all of your interior spaces such as rooms, restaurants and cafes, conference venue and shared co-working areas and facilities such as cinema, spa and retreat areas, pool and alfresco dining and rooftops. We will use our drone to capture elevated and aerial compositions (we’re CASA registered) to show the hotel in its context location, and video to show lifestyle options for your guests. We can work include people in your videos to highlight your brand’s values. A clear example of our capacity to add value is with our conference and event showcasing – we understand the myriad of room layouts required: cabaret, theatre, banquet, classroom, cocktail, boardroom, u-shape and any other custom layout that your hotel may use. Combined with room setup by your staff (which can take quite some time), we can create a suite of photographs and a video profile to allow your consultants to sell these spaces, and the associated accommodation for event guests. We can also work with your outside suppliers who may bring team-building activities to your conferences, and also with outside wedding and event planners.

One of the things that makes professional hotel photographers like Adrienne so successful is her ability to remain flexible. No matter how well you’ve planned and prepared, things may still not go as you’d hoped. A wet-weather day or tropical storm, or conversely a snow storm or power outage may affect your plans! Adrienne remains flexible and adaptive to change before, during and even after your photo shoot. Changes and unexpected events can often lead to new creative opportunities that may yield even better pictures in the end. Our creative approach to luxury hotel photography provides our clients with a more personalised and service. Developing a shoot plan will help ensure each captured image conveys the mood, style and message you want. We can provide a really quick turnaround if requested and you’ll have the convenience of being able to contact her directly and easily. Our studio retouching is second-to-none, and we can customise this to meet your exacting brand-guide standards. And you can relax knowing that we’re highly conscientious with our procedures for securely and confidentially handling your data and post-processing.

Adrienne’s unique and desirable skill set make her one of Australia’s most sought-after professional luxury hotel photographers.

We generally try to get jobs done in around 10 days from the last shoot day of a project. Sometimes it turns into “it’ll be done when it’s done” because we’re on the road so much or we have so many other jobs in the queue that it’s just not feasible to get them done within 10 days. Recently we did a shoot at the Gold Coast, Queensland, flew to Launceston to shoot three days in a row, and then flew to Melbourne for a another shoot, then directly flew to Brisbane to shoot another one. They’re done when they’re done – and most clients are okay with accommodating this as long as they know it up front. They’re happy that we’re successful, and understand that things come in waves and that we’ve got to take the work as we can get it. All that said, at times, our jobs are completed in only a few days from the last shoot day of a project, if the moon and the stars line-up!