Architectural photography is a haven for gearheads, and I frequently get asked what I’m using. So I figured I’d lay it all out and put it to rest once and for all. I rigged up a rather hilarious setup in my living room to shoot this, and took a few hours to lay it all out. Note that due to the limited space, I couldn’t put literally everything out, so in many cases I refrained from putting duplicates down. In a few cases, I just have bags and bags of it (grip stuff) and I figured you didn’t need to see all the umbrellas, all the batteries and all the cards. Click the photo below to enlarge it and see each individual number, which corresponds with a description of the piece below.

Bose SoundLink

Great for turning a completely quiet and awkward set into a much more relaxed environment. The sound quality out of this thing is just incredible for the size of it.

Eneloop rechargeable AA and AAA batteries

These have saved me hundreds, probably thousands of dollars over the years. I buy Eneloops because they last forever and don’t drain on their own, work with speedlights and remote triggers, and hold a lot of charge.


Black cloth

Diffusion panels

iPad Camranger Laptop tether cables

Portable USB charger






ND filters, polarisers