This policy applies from 7th May 2020 until the Queensland Home Confinement, Movement and Gathering Direction has been lifted. This policy will likely be gradually relaxed over time in line with government advice.

Restricted areas are places in Queensland which are potentially at higher risk of COVID-19 transmission. Restricted areas are legally listed so that people can be aware if their residence, activities or work are captured by restrictions.

Public Health Directions may apply restrictions to the suburbs listed as restricted areas.

In accordance with the latest Australian and Queensland government advice, we are currently operating under the current policy:

  • We will perform filming and photography where we can safely maintain the 1.5m social distancing rule.
  • Video production – where we are recording an interview or narration to camera with lights and mics – this may be completed outdoors where possible.
  • We’re discontinuing office or agency pick-ups of keys during the pandemic. Meet me on-site, or leave a lockbox or concealed keys. There will be a fee of $60 for key pick-up and return, applying from 1 Nov 2020 onwards.
  • Someone will need to be there to let me in, lock-up and be on hand to help during the shoot (while maintaining the 1.5m social distancing rule)

Our requirements for clients when performing interior filming and photography (in addition to our standard terms):

  • Clients will need to ensure that the project is ready to be filmed or photographed at the agreed time
  • Please ensure that the following things have been done in advance of our arrival:
    • Please ensure that the project interior has been styled as much as possible and the exterior has been prepared (ie bins are moved out of sign, letterbox cleared, parked cars moved) for filming and photography before the shoot begins
    • Please ensure all door handles that you have been disinfected with 70%+ alcohol (e.g. Dettol spray or alcohol wipes) where possible
    • Please leave internal doors open (where possible), so we don’t have to touch the doors unnecessarily
    • If possible, please open the windows for 1 hour in residential spaces and 2 hours in commercial spaces before the shoot, to let stale air out and fresh air in
    • For commercial interior spaces (especially where windows can’t be opened), please turn air conditioning on 2 hours before the shoot and ensure the system is not recycling any air
    • Please set interior lights as required for the shoot and clean switches after setting
  • Once inside the property, we will not touch or move any furniture or belongings.
  • We will shoot “as-is”, so please make sure it’s ready.