Real Visuals Media Pty Ltd AUSTRALIA. Mobile 0421 772 886.

I am well adapted to mobile work – all my equipment is super-light weight and I am aircraft-ready with protective cases and an equipment travel plan. I am very conscientious regarding my IT operations – all work is backed up twice on-site then transferred to my Brisbane studio for post-processing and post-production.

I hold all past projects on my in-house server for 5 years.

Please note that we don’t give pricing over the phone, each project is custom to your requirements.

Prior to your photo session, we’ll visit you for a pre-production meeting.

Hotel services:

  • Rooms photography and video
  • Reception photography and video
  • Rooftop photography and video (if applicable)
  • Facilities photography and video
  • Exteriors photography and video
  • Locality photography and video
  • Food in hotel restaurants and cafes – photography
  • Aerial photography and video from drone where possible
  • Optionally – restaurant and function setups such as wedding setup

I’m based in Brisbane, Queensland, and I shoot Australia-wide. To make a booking, please choose a date to suit you, and call or send a txt. 

ABN 42 138 040 516

ACN 138 040 516

CASA registered for remotely piloted aircraft for commercial use.


I am currently transitioning to a new project review system and file delivery hosted with Digital Pigeon. My in-house server stores all original works created since 2009. If you require a past gallery to be re-sent to you, please contact us.