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We’re well adapted to mobile work – all our equipment is light-weight and aircraft-ready with protective cases. We are very conscientious regarding our IT operations – all work is backed up twice on-site then electronically transferred via the cloud to our Brisbane studios for retouching and post-production. We’re based in Brisbane, Queensland, and we shoot Australia-wide. To make a booking, please decide your project completion date then call or send a txt, or use our contact form below.

The edit of photographed images is arguably the most important artistic touch of delivering an image or a video. When our client is hiring us, they’re buying the work of our artists. We deliver a consistent product, we’re able to complete all post-production and retouching in-house to provide to our client at the highest standard. This allows us to implement unique customer service strategies and provide personalised service to our Australian market.

Every project is custom quoted to your requirements. Prior to your production shoot day, we’ll visit you for a pre-production meeting.

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We make the easiest virtual reality for hotels, resorts, restaurants, architects, builders, real estate and property management. High resolution starting at $100 for 6 positions – contact us to book. The DSLR is still the best quality over the 1-click-360 cameras, but it is more work. Definitely worth it for commercial clients, we offer this advantage for our prestige residential clients. We use a full frame Z6, Nikon 16mm fisheye, Nodal Ninja rotator head, lighting as necessary.

ABN 42 138 040 516, ACN 138 040 516 CASA registered for remotely piloted aircraft for commercial use. Real Visuals Media Pty Ltd AUSTRALIA. Mobile 0421 772 886.

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1 March 2020:

Due to the risk of spreading Covid-19, we are placing all bookings that require air travel into suspension, pending advice from Australian public health authorities. We are also suspending all bookings where there may be crowds, such as conferences and tradeshows.


23 March 2020:

Dear Friends

We are advising all our past and current clients that we’re suspending all on-site services, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This means we will no longer be able to fulfill bookings for interior, exterior and aerial photography and video and our on-site food advertising photography will also be suspended.

We will remain open for off-site services including archive retrieval, image post-processing and re-touching and video editing projects, as well as marketing floorplan draw-by-tracing services and siteplan draw-by-tracing services.

If you need to reach us, we will be contactable as usual via our website form or directly via mobile, email and txt.